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the charlie staff
Our core group from left to right: Charlie Sutherland, Morgan Sutherland, Jenny Craver, James Sutherland, Terry Shumate, Taylor “Charlie III” Sutherland, Sherry Stovall.

We make 8 products:

Laundry Liquid

Laundry Powder and Packets

Laundry Booster & Hard Water Treatment

Kitchen & Bath Natural Cleaner,

Indoor/Outdoor Surface Cleaner

Laundry Pre-Spray

Oxygen Bleach

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Our Mission

We are dedicated to the development, manufacture and worldwide distribution of the highest quality biodegradable, environmentally safe and hypo-allergenic detergents. Our commitment to continued scientific research ensures that we provide excellent products that protect the environment and the users of Charlie’s Soap. We feel adherence to real science is essential in the production of environmentally friendly products and we are committed to solicit the participation of University and private sector testing to attest to the features and benefits of our products. We fully guarantee all Charlie’s Soap products and are committed to truthfulness, fairness, goodwill and the mutual benefit to ourselves, our business partners and our customers.

How we got from there to here...

Charlie SrCharlie Sutherland Sr.

Charlie Sutherland Sr. rarely did anything without a purpose in mind. But even he couldn’t foresee what would come to pass when he stood in front of our North First Avenue building all those many years ago. In the photo at right, as he stares at the old Mayodan, N.C., fireman’s dance hall that he had plans to turn into an oil manufacturing facility, you can just about see his wheels turning. And turn they did. From 1976 until his passing in 1994, Charlie Sr. left his mark on this company: a legacy of dedication to excellence with a personal touch.

Charlie JrCharlie Sutherland Jr.

Charlie Sr. is most certainly the “Charlie” of Charlie’s Soap, but his son, Charlie Jr., actually created first the oils and then the cleaner that would come to be known as Charlie’s Soap. While you may not be able to see the wheels turning in this photo (some prefer to think of it as a screw loose), you cannot deny the gumption of a man who, on his wife Jane’s birthday in 1983, quit his day job and took over the small company that had little chance for success.

Through scrimping and saving, a little blood and a whole lot of luck, people were finding out about us and starting to ask where they could pick up some of Charlie’s soap. It had grown beyond an industrial cleaner for machines and textile quality control; people were taking it home and using for literally everything from false teeth to Diesel engines.

By 2002, Charlie Jr.’s boys joined the cause and started the long-overdue process of officially branding the product as Charlie’s Soap. They took their grandparents’ ideals, their father’s guts, their own dreams and experiences and turned a small-town shop into a world-class business with product sold to 50 states and 50 countries. So, we must be doing something right!

If our grandparents could see what we’ve become, I’d like to think they would be proud. H.C. Amick Sr. (grandfather on our mother’s side and financial guru) would certainly remind us of his motto, “With patience and perseverance, you will prevail.” Charlie Sr. would probably shout his infamously infuriatingly rhetorical question, “What difference does it make?!”

Oh well, I guess you can’t please everyone.

- Taylor Sutherland

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